DIRECTV upgrades their bonus offer. Now you can earn 10,000 AAdvantage Miles when you sign up for new service.

“Directv” Photo credit: ellibertario on Flickr

I’ve written about the DIRECTV AAdvantage Bonus Miles offer before, and mentioned then that I’m a big fan of their service.  Their coverage of the Masters this weekend was incredible.  My few experiences with customer support have always been positive and they’re always introducing innovative technologies and upgrades to their services.  Now they’ve upgraded their AAdvantage Miles sign up offer for new customers:

Act now to start enjoying America’s #1 satellite TV service. Great packages start as low as $29.99 per month! Packages Include:
Free Professional InstallationLocal ChannelsFree HD, DVR or HD DVR advanced receiver upgrade, with DIRECTV CHOICE XTRA package or higher
Earn 10,000 miles when you order new DIRECTV service.

This offer expires May 31, 2011.  Go here to sign up or to read the full terms and conditions.



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