Triple AAdvantage Miles to three destinations in Mexico

Antara shopping center
Antara shopping center” Mexico City. Photo credit: jrsnchzhrs on Flickr

This is embarrassing to admit, but for a long time my mental image of Mexico City was one of cathedrals, traffic, and smog. I had visited cities along the U.S./Mexico border and just assumed that Mexico City was little different from a border city. I didn’t really think of it as the big modern city that it is, or consider that it had more in common with New York, London, and Tokyo than it does with Laredo.

A couple of years ago I was at a film festival and watched a video that was created by editing shots of Mexico City from 1960s Mexican television. Most of the scenes had this mod/pop quality that reminded me the early James Bond movies, and I hadn’t known that I was watching video that was filmed in Mexico City, I would have thought that it was filmed in 1960s New York.

For me, that film was the first time I had to re-evaluate my misguided impression of Mexico City.

Mexico City is ranked by Forbes as one of the top 5 foodie cities in the world, it’s home to some of the most ambitious new restaurants in North America, and it’s the home of North America’s newest architectural wonder, with the opening of the new building for the art museum Museo Soumaya. The New Yorks Times describes it this way:

It’s also a perfect emblem of the way Mexico City’s cultural commerce is conducted at its best — art bubbling up out of good food and drink and the seemingly endless spool of talk that ties together many of the city’s creative communities.

So there are lots of reason now why I want to go to Mexico City: from DFW fares are really cheap, making it a perfect destination for a long weekend, hotels are comparatively inexpensive. Now I have a really good reason to go, triple AAdvantage Miles for business class travel and double miles in coach:

Through June 15, American is offering triple miles to Mexico City and two other cities: Guadalajara and Monterrey:

Airline: American Airlines
Award: Bonus Miles
Promotion Code: TPLMX
Dates: Travel between March 17, 2011, through June 15, 2011.

Offer: For a limited time, AAdvantage members can earn up to triple miles when they fly on American Airlines nonstop flights to/from Guadalajara, Mexico City or Monterrey, Mexico. Earn triple AAdvantage miles for purchased travel in Business Class or double miles for travel in Economy Class. To qualify, simply register prior to travel and fly between March 17 and June 15, 2011.

Anyway, go here to read the terms and conditions or to sign up for this promotion.

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