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This month, American is offering up to 20,000 extra AAdvantage Miles when you purchase miles through November 30, 2010.  From their website:

Earn up to 20,000 AAdvantage bonus miles when you purchase the miles you need to reach your next flight award.
Do you need more AAdvantage miles to book a flight award now? You can easily purchase the miles you need with the buyAAmiles program! Plus, you’ll earn 2,000 bonus miles for every 6,000 miles purchased, up to 20,000 bonus miles, on purchases made through November 30, 2010.

All the details here.


  1. […] Anyways, the main news for the day is that from the 1st December 2011 till the 31st December 2011, AA is offering 2,000 free AA miles when you buy 6,000 miles with them, and in multiples. This means, for 60,000 miles to be bought, you get 20,000 free AAdvantage miles. Yes, that is true! Now usually AA allows you to buy or receive gifts of upto 40,000 miles per calender year. For this month only, that limit has been brought up to 60,000 miles that can be received via buying or gifting into the account. AA had a similar offer last year also, like described by AAdvantageGeek. […]

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