This afternoon is your last chance to enter the #AAtoAsia Pinterest promotion.

The prize is 2 round-trip, American Airlines tickets from the U.S. to Tokyo…….In Business Class!  

So  you’ll get to experience the new menu items from Chefs Richard Sandoval and Marcus Samuelsson, the new amenity kits, and access to the Admirals Club during you travels.

And you’ll stay three nights at the Shangri-La Tokyo Hotel: number 1 of the top 25 Luxury Hotels in the World in TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award 2012.


To win all you have to do is sign-in to Pinterest, or sign-up if you haven’t already joined,

1) Follow American Airlines on Pinterest at

2) Re-Pin the American Air #AAtoAsia Pin.

3) Pin a separate picture of your favorite thing/place from Asia (on any of your boards), using #AAtoAsia to tell us why you love the pic.

4) Email a link to your pin to, using #AAtoAsia as the subject.

Alternate Method of Entry: Should you not be able to obtain a Pinterest account during the entry period of the sweepstakes, email using #AAtoAsia as the subject and indicate lack of account as message.

The sweepstakes ends today at 4:59 p.m. Central.  From the rules:

Between 10:01 a.m. Central Time (“CT”) on May 21, 2012 and 4:59 p.m. CT on May 25, 2012 (“Promotional Period”), complete an official entry process online in the manner listed below. All entries must be received by 4:59 p.m. CT on May 25, 2012.

To get started, go follow American Airlines on Pinterest.

And that brings me to my Reader Giveaway.

Win 2,000 Free AAdvantage Miles!

If you win the trip to Tokyo, who are you going to bring with you?

To enter my giveaway, share the first name, relation, or nick name of the person you’d take with you to Tokyo. Nothing too identifying.

If I win, I’m going to take my brother  (after all these years, he’s developed the tolerance required to travel with me!)

I’ll have a random drawing Tuesday morning.   The deadline to enter is Monday night, 11:59PM Pacific.  One entry per person.

Good luck and have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

  • liv said,

    I’ll take “Charlotte”, though that’s her superhero name.

  • Charlene said,

    I would take my twin! We live in different cities now, so I don’t see her very often!

  • wis said,

    I’ll take a random stranger that I will find in the japan embassy, sometimes you gotta give when you receive !

  • PerryPlatypus said,

    I would take my wife Meg and head straight over to visit Disneyland Tokyo and Disney Sea to feed our addiction to the MOUSE.

  • Stephan said,

    I would take Ellen, who’s always had the dream of going to Japan! She’d be thrilled!

  • Joseph said,

    I’ll take my brother since he always wanted to go…

  • Angelina said,

    I’d bring my best friend Jessica B. Girls trip!

  • Ben said,

    I would take my fiancée who loves to travel and wants to visit every country.

  • Heather B - Dallas Single Mom Examiner said,

    I’m taking my mom! She will never go anywhere unless it’s with me and I love sharing my many adventures with her. We’ve gone into the Sierra Nevada mountains when my sister said no, through the Grand Canyon, ventured the New York subways systems together, and walked reefs in Maui. Yes, we need to head out of the country.

  • David F said,

    No brainer, I would take my Son, whom at 9 said he wanted to go to Tokyo – at 9 years old I just wanted to go the Beach or Theme Park.

  • Chris said,

    I would take my wife to Hong Kong or Shanghai. We love the nighttime pictures from there that we see on the web.

  • kshahk said,

    I’ll take my wife.

  • David said,

    I’ll take my best bud. Thanks!

  • Joel S said,

    Is this a trick question? I’d take my wife.

  • Maijamay said,

    I’ll take my boyfriend – he’s already been hinting about going to Japan!

  • Jenny said,

    I’ll take my son Alex

  • PattonRoberta said,

    I’d like to take my eldest child, Michael

  • Espan said,

    I’d take my girlfriend Marijo, she loves her some sushi

  • Ralph L said,

    I think I have to take my fiance or else!

  • Spencer W. said,

    My beautiful wife!

  • Ada said,

    I would take my boyfriend since we never went away for a vacation

  • Deniz said,

    I’ll take my best friend Jamie

  • Eddy said,

    With these types of questions, there’s always only one correct answer: I’d bring my wife!

  • KimJoTX said,

    Jeremiah (hubby) … he has never been there and I have not been back since I was born.

  • Chris said,

    I would take my wife or else I would never hear the end of it! :)

  • James said,

    When I win I will take my wife, Natalie, so that she can feel taller(she’s only 5’4″).

  • Bob said,

    I’d take Kevin with me. He is a great traveler.

  • Alex said,

    tough choice. pt would love akihabra, but if i don’t take kai, i’m a dead man. kai wins.

  • Chris said,

    I will take my wife, Em, with me to Tokyo. It would be an amazing adventure/

  • oneeyejack said,

    I’d take my wife, P with me.

  • Melie said,

    I would take my husband scott

  • Scott said,

    I would take my wife Melie :) she deserves it

  • B said,

    I’d take my wife M with me.. would love to visit Shanghai…!!

  • David said,

    My lovely lady friend.

  • Lord Fish said,

    I would take my brother. It would be good to get him out of Iowa for a while.

  • VictorL said,

    I will bring my girlfriend with me!

  • MiaT said,

    I would love to take my mother! Please Lord heal my mom…

  • Richard said,

    I’d love to take my dad with me, but I’d probably take my wife (if I didn’t she’d probably be pretty mad at me).

  • Jonathan said,

    I’ll take my mother (May) for all her hard work.

  • Lai said,

    I’ll bring my son Kyle!

  • Ron said,

    I will bring my 10-month old daughter.

  • Tracy said,

    If I win, I would take me Husband who puts up with my insesant Miles obsession!

  • Naif said,

    my mom

  • Molly said,

    I’d take by bf – we’ve never been on an international trip together.

  • cory said,

    I would take Garfield 😉

  • Jimgotkp said,

    I would take my mom because she always wanted to travel to Japan. She and I have been great travel partners so I this is a no-brainer for me.

  • Everett said,

    I’d take my buddy Kenny, as we just went there to visit together recently.

  • Kevin said,

    I’d take my wife CJ. Her dream is to see the huge fish market and take private cooking lessons.

  • Jeff G said,

    I’m going to take my wife! Because there isn’t a better travel companion in the world for me :)

  • A. DYE said,

    i would take my friend andrea who used to live there so she could be my personal tour guide

  • carwag25 said,

    I would take my spouse for putting up with this crazy points and miles hobby.

  • jerry said,

    if i win, i will take my wife Carey

  • Sarah O. said,

    My fiancé – if he says ‘yes’ atop the Tokyo Skytree!

  • Emma said,

    I would take my fiancee Aaron with me! He has dreamed of going to Japan forever!

  • Bitachu said,

    I’ll take my girlfriend Laura on our first trip to Japan.

  • Abhishek Duggal said,

    Fiancé and soon to be wife!

  • Clay said,

    My mother

  • Ari said,

    I’d take my wife, who’d kill me of it was anyone else

  • Doug said,

    I agree with Ari — it’s my wife, especially if I wish to continue living!

  • Zeke said,

    My girlfriend Aurelie :) We both love Japan and would definitely enjoy visiting.

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian) said,

    Blerg…I got all of this in to only realize it ended yesterday. My luck! LOL!

  • Joy F said,

    I would take my husband Joe, of course. We enjoy every detail of the trip from airport lounges to eating adventures.

  • B.H said,

    I’ll take “Big red” as we call her…:)

  • Raj said,

    Ill take Miss Mona. She’s jealous about all my Asian business travel, now I can show her the sites!

  • Carla F. said,

    I’d take my husband. He’s a Vietnam veteran, and hasn’t been back to Asia since the war.

  • Charlotte said,

    I would take my friend who is a disney collector and has never been to Disney there.

  • Kyle said,

    Definitely would take my wife

  • Alex said,

    Would be definitely taking my lovely wife to Tokyo!!

  • MPH said,

    I’d use the miles to take my best friend in business or first. He always travels in economy. Silly guy.

  • Michael W Travels said,

    I’d take my wife Kim with me!

  • Sebastian Ponti said,

    my lovely wife !

  • Ann Firestine said,

    I’d take my favorite travel partner – my husband.

  • Joel said,

    I’d take the loveliest.

  • Nadine said,

    I would take my husband Dave. He’s the best “Sherpa” I know to carry my bags 😉

  • Nicehands said,

    I would take my best friend Jeremy who needs to give his pregnant wife some “space”

  • Asen said,

    Me, myself and Irene :)

  • Kyle S said,

    That’s easy, my brother – AJ, not only does he have a new passion for travel but also lack of funds to do it. Would be great for both of us!

  • snuggliestbear said,

    I would take my wife with me. I have always wanted to go to Japan so it would be a trip of a lifetime for me!

  • Luis said,

    My wife of course!

  • Noamaan said,

    I’ll take my boyfriend William!

  • Andrew said,

    I would take my wife Michiko, but since we already live in Tokyo, probably would prefer round trip tix to Los Angeles.

  • FlyerM said,

    I would take my wife, FlyerK.

  • Steelsnow said,

    I would take Mrs. Snow.

  • Christeen said,

    I would take my sister. She was unable to go on the last trip I invited her on. It would be the first time to Tokyo for both of us.

  • Curlysmom said,

    I would take Mr Curlysmom

  • erndog said,

    I’d take Susie – she deserves a trip!

  • Bill H said,

    My wife would freak out over the Park Hyatt, Tokyo. I told her all about the futuristic toilets, so she’s dying to go…

  • Kevin said,

    I would take my best friend, Mark.

  • mangoMan said,

    I would take my daughter Eva who desperately wants to go to Japan.

  • Dave W said,

    My wife, Heather, who navigated Tokyo for us back in 2009.

  • Mike said,

    My girlfriend!

  • Jeff D said,

    I would take my beautiful wife Lisa!

  • Romeo J said,

    If I win I will take my mom with me. I am home after 5 years and I try to spend as much time with her as possible. Its a great feeling.

  • Deal of the Day – American Airlines AAdvantage® – May 28, 2012 | Frugal Travel Guy said,

    […] Geek is giving away 2,000 free AA miles to one commenter tomorrow! All posts must be in by midnight tonight, […]

  • ken said,

    If I win I’ll take my wife.

  • Sina Bahram said,

    I’ll take my girlfriend, Lenora.

  • Stefan said,

    If I win I’ll take my mom, Evelyn, to Tokyo!

  • Nei said,

    I would take my wife. She is my sweet heart and best friend ever!! :-)

  • DanR NYC said,

    I would take my mother. She deserves it !

  • Carlo said,

    I’ll take my best friend Chelsea because she’s fluent in Japanese!

  • Crash said,

    Take me fiancée Sara joonie

  • Somsubhra Maity said,

    If I win I will take my girlfriend “booboo” with me to Tokyo.

  • Brian said,

    I’d take my boyfriend. I hope we win!

  • Alex K said,

    I’d take my incredible wife Kelly – I couldn’t imagine traveling with anyone else.

  • andrew said,

    i would take my mother, as she’s never been to japan.

  • Dan Riley said,

    I’d take Lynn my best friend

  • Daniel Rubenstein said,

    I’d take my friend Don. He has yellow fever.

  • Jenny said,

    I will take my wonderful husband. Neither of us have been to Japan before!

  • Cristina said,

    I would take my husband! We have so much fun together & we’re always looking for an excuse to get away!

  • Petar said,

    I will take my friend.

  • David said,

    I would take my daughter. She has become good friends with a foreign exchange student from Japan.

  • Naresh said,

    I will take my Sona

  • Michael H.(oldfox) said,

    I will take my best friend Linda…….. if she can get away from work. I’m retired, so I don’t have to deal with those problems now!

  • JD said,

    I’ll take my mother if she wants to go.

  • Jnk said,

    I’d take my husband.

  • Ted F said,

    I’d take my girlfriend, Jennifer!

  • TP said,

    I would take my mother with me.

  • AMZ said,

    I’d take my best travel buddy Mo-reen. We’ve been wanting to travel to Asia…

  • Marc said,

    I would take my wife.

  • Chris said,

    I’d take my wife. I don’t think she’d give me a choice!

  • Al said,

    I’d be taking my wife.

  • Trevor said,

    Definitely the wife!

  • Jason said,

    I would take my wife Stacey!!

  • Dennybob said,

    I would take my bride Holly.

  • Bradley B. said,

    I’d take my wife.

  • Jean said,

    I would take my son. He just graduated and this would be the perfect gift.

  • Jennifer said,

    I would absolutely take my husband as he has been very understanding with my travel, points, and miles obsession! I am dying to go to Tokyo!

  • Scott said,

    I would take my wife and enjoy our first trip together to Asia.

  • Dan R said,

    I’d take my lady. She deserves it.

  • AK said,

    I’d take my dad, the only person in my family who’s never been to Japan.

  • Dee said,

    I will take the love of my life–Joe

  • Jimmy said,

    I’d take my girlfriend (aka my wife Leigh). For this trip, she can be my girlfriend

  • BostonSun said,

    I would take my husband, AB. We’ve been talking about someday visiting Japan for years!

  • worldtraveller2 said,

    I’d take my hubby.

  • Matt said,

    friend- Keith

  • Lantean said,

    I’d bring my friend Brant.

  • Russ said,

    Nelly, wife

  • Dustin said,

    I will take my brother.

  • Thabraize Ahmed said,

    If I win, I’d take my wife

  • Vic said,

    My best friend Paul.

  • Victor said,

    Karen my soon to be wife

  • David said,

    I would take my wife, Marie!

  • Aaron R said,

    I’mma taking my college roommate, we’ve always talked about going to Japan.

  • Kenny said,

    I would take my 5’3” brother so we would dominate at basketball!

  • Sheryl said,

    I would take my husband :)

  • Biggles209 said,

    I’d take Jan

  • Caleb B said,

    I’d bring my wife!

  • GenB said,

    I’d bring my husband.

  • Allie S. said,

    I would take my best friend, MB.

  • Dan said,

    I’d take my amazing wife.

  • Gerald said,

    I’d bring my iPad! Just kidding, I’d bring my girlfriend.

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