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Short Facebook survey may earn you 100,000 AAdvantage Miles

Do you try to pick flight that you think will offer inflight wifi? I do. I look for 767-200s, 737s, MD-80s on some routes, and try to avoid 757s and 767-300 (domestically). Before I buy a ticket, I’ll follow wifi availability on a route using the American wifi widget to see if there are some…

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American Airlines disables powerports on all 767-200s and some 767-300s

“Electrical Outlet” photo credit: grendelkhan on Flickr I’m traveling today.  Last night I went online to AA.com to see if wifi is available on my flight (it isn’t) so I decided to see what movie selection was being offered in January and came across this: Powerports on the 767-200, select 767-300s and the 757s have been…

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757 Unplugged: American temporarily deactivates powerports on Boeing 757 fleet

If you’re traveling on a 757 and planning to get some work done, make sure you charge your laptop or maybe just bring a book.  I came across this on American’s site: Due to a recent issue involving a powerport on an American Airlines Boeing 757, the American Airlines team will proactively deactivate all powerports…

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