Will American’s 777-300ER have a new logo for the inaugural flight?

Oct 16, 2012-9

American is set to introduce their first Boeing 777-300ER into service with an inaugural flight from DFW to Sao Paulo on January 31. They’ve already taken delivery of two 777-300 aircraft and another is soon to be delivered.

This weekend American flew their first 77W, N717AN, to Miami and plane spotters were on hand to capture its arrival: it was still painted gray with a white tail and without a logo.

American’s second 77W, N718AN, was parked outside a hanger at DFW as recently as January 7.  I was at the airport on Saturday and didn’t see it, and according to FlightAware it hasn’t gone anywhere.  I assume it’s inside one of the maintanence hangers.

American’s third 777-300ER, N719AN, is still at the Boeing factory.

I heard from a credible source that American’s fourth 777-300ER, I’m assuming it will be aircraft N720AN, will be the first to be fully painted in the new livery.

So I wonder if the first three are going to sport an interim livery or if they will be have the traditional AA logo painted ont he white tail?  I wonder how much longer we’ll have to wait for the new logo?

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Photo Credit: Russell Hill Aviation Photography


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